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Greetings programs.

2009-06-01 01:02:12 by THEGIANTROBOT

Hello. I'm The Giant Robot, screen-name extraordinaire. I just discovered Newgrounds a few months ago, and I'm already having a terrific time, exploring, watching and playing. A bit about me: I live in a pool shed, I bike to work, I watch too much MST3K and old monster movies from America and Japan. My favorite song is Prophecies by Phillip Glass (and that was a fact long before Watchmen came out. I hope to perform here on Newgrounds myself someday, hopefully get in on one of those collabs you so fond of. I don't really care for the internet or the trends and folks it generates, but I'm liking what I'm finding here that makes a distinction outside of all that. Let's hope we can be friends, eh?

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